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Past Conference Videos

VUIER is a pay-to-view video website that enables us to protect content - you can watch the videos (on that computer) as many times as you like, as long as you don't clear the cookies cache on that computer, but you cannot download or save the videos. Our most recent 2017 conference videos are US$9.99 (£8) for non-delegates. If you were an attendign delegate and need your special links sent again, please email us Click directly on the speaker's name to link to their video. Trailers available. 
Previous years are now on sale for US$1.99 (£1.60).
AFAP Conference 2017
Twitter hashtag #AFAP2017
Poster Presentations x3 (US$3.99)
1. Sarah Street - MSc PTTD questionnaire feedback on results
2. Jo Benfield - Development of RNOH post op guidelines
3. Chris Drake - Systematic Review Plantar Heel Pain (PHP) and psychosocial variables

AFAP Conference 2016

Twitter hashtag #AFAP2016
Dance (Ballet & Irish)
Research & Poster Presentations
Chronic Ankle Instability
Unfortunately the last three CAI talks are not available due to technical issues with the sound equipment on the day (Dr Eamonn Delahunt, Mr Anthony Perera, Prof Evert Verhagen).

AFAP 2015 Conference