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How do I join AFAP?

embership is currently free for any Physiotherapist or Allied Health Professional (AHP) who has an interest in
foot & ankle MSK problems. To join simply email admin@afap.org.uk with these details:
  • Your full name. 
  • Please provide a personal email address as well as your work email.
  • Include your current job role or title.
  • The full address of your workplace so we can add you to our membership map.
  • If you are a UK or Irish Chartered Physiotherapist (not mandatory) please also send us your CSP or ISCP number.
Your email and your personal data is confidential to us. Your details will not be shared with any 3rd parties without your permission.

Why should I join?
  • To find out about exclusive course opportunities not advertised on the website and only offered to AFAP members. 
  • To be eligible to receive any course & conference discounts that may be offered to AFAP members. 
  • To help support the growing network of Physios & AHPs in the developing field of foot & ankle MSK specialisation. 
  • To have the opportunity to support foot & ankle post graduate students by participating in their research projects. Alternatively, you may be the person in need of the AFAP membership's help.